Anu: see thru pictures

Anu Ojha: see thru

See through picture of Anu Ojha. (Src.: Internet)

Anu Ojha, a bold bitch. That’s what they say to her on the Internet. Don’t know what they say her in Nepal. Looking at her pictures since it was first published on some crappy website from Butwal, I knew. Then she, as what I know, appeared in various music videos and on cybersansar. She re-appeared on cybersansar with even bitchy appearance last week with showing of her boobs but just covering the nipples. On this picture, however, it can be seen all the way.

Now only two things I need from her. A complete nude picture, with boobs, pussy and ass. Second a sex video. I know it can’t be too far, looking at her progress. BTW, is she Indian??

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  1. yugesh

    sexiest bitch…

    i totally support sickman. we want her naked pictures with boobs and pussy.
    and also a sex video..

  2. PrinceDoha

    I don’t agree wid the Filthy remarks abt Anu Ojha. She is bold in her photos, indeed she seems a professional model. She stripped herself off on demand, to serve our taste. Though, she is showy in photos, I take that as an acceptance of professionalism. Even if she is to blame for any vulgarity, it is us who are promoting that kind of trends. She is not the one to blame for alone.

  3. Tori

    Dear Sick man,

    She is not Indian. She lives at Bardhaghat near Daunne I mean to say 30KM far from Butwal. My friend promote her at his website first, She is cute but while speaking you found her she is from Jumla …… she doesn’t know to speak .. pakhe bolaii.
    Ojhaaaaa if you don’t stop to show more then I will write again…


  4. noMandeadMan

    so.. nice thing goin on bro!! .. and well.. Anu Ojha.
    k bhane.. uhhaa ko barema..
    she is just not the gal ..
    she is just too cheap…. she gives me boner of about like what.. 2 mins .. thats prettyy cheap myaan!!
    yea.. thats it! 🙂

  5. deshman

    lets not be harsh. whatever she is doing is good. i am proud i don’t have to surf foreign sites to enjoy such pictures of girls, which every normal men needs for normal living. those who have seen her pictures in at should realize how she has progressed from a cheap and tardy model to something professional type that you see in international magazine. i can’t wait to see more of her.

  6. Rowan

    Cite properly if you use someone else’s picture just saying internet is not enough and don’t put your watermark on someone else’s picture. Better cover your ass properly before pointing out others bare ass.

  7. Nepalip**n

    colour pic chaina??