The Himalayan Times, learning…

Malvika Subba - see thru

The Himalayan Times, editors just started learning how to use a Dodge tool in Adobe Photoshop.

This is pathetic. They are editors and photo editors. How can they let this be? Are they so ignorant and don’t care about? These are the pictures Girija and Prachanda published in the front page of The Himalayan Times, sometime back. Looking at the picture, I felt so bad for the people who is in charge of publishing the newspaper.

They pay the photographers to take the pictures.
They pay the photo editors to edit the picture, to make them acceptable to be printed in the newspaper.

If the photographer don’t do the job right and the editor can’t do the job right neither then how are they keeping the job they have? May be by kissing their boss’s ugly bare ass.

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  1. nEPali_not_nepalese

    You guys are good!!!! I give you credit for that, but why be so fucking rude all the time. Every article starts off nice and well but the way it ends leaves a bad taste in my mind. I am not the ultimate nice guy anyone would ever meet but seriouisly, I love your concept, its sick to be honest ,but why make it cheap and dirty??? Being sarcastic doesnt necessarily means you have to be foul-mouthed!!!!! anyway, two thumbs up for all of yous….