Photojournal 2008

This sort of slide show. Actually, I believe this is a magazine and the Nepali Times publishers put the pdf file on their website, which I downloaded several months ago, before I reinstalled Windows Vista on this machine. That was a long time ago. I was going through my old files in my old hard drive and found this and though of posting it here with some modification.

I was never satisfied with the pdf file, as they had uploaded. Don’t get me wrong, the magazine is great. I wish all other magazines does stuff like this. But it never felt like reading an actual magazine. They could had made it bit better.

Here is the link for that pdf file which I have changed a bit to make it somewhat better, just use the pageup and pagedown button on your computer once the file gets downloaded.

(attn: the file size is 13.6MB, this is huge if you are downloading on slow internet connection like dialup or any connection less than 128kbps, so have patience. Click on the image below to download the file, it will open in a new window.)