Cybersansar is getting worse, formerly, is a pioneer web-portal in Nepal to promote Nepalese girls as models. They were the ones who gathered the guts to make the girls strip down and convince them to make their pictures public. Not that they had the girls bare all in front of the camera, but some pictures were provocative. Even with half nude pics, they never had a picture on cybersansar showing them off.

Some of the picture were awesome, but they lacked professional photography. I can’t expect more from a free website anyhow and have never expected, but most of the pictures were visibly altered, modified, sprayed using imaging tools.

They had inspired a lot of other individuals to start a new website similar, which features a new set of girls, but strategy remained the same: put pictures of girls with less clothes in the website, and get more hits. “It works.”

Cybersansar recently had a makeover. I didn’t like it. The interface is clear and neat, but some links still leads to the old site. Change is inevitable, but this change cybersansar had turned out to be bad for them. The other thing cybersansar was popular for, was speed. The servers were co-located or something, the pages loaded super quick, videos were downloaded instantly. But now with the change, even with my 12mbps down link, it takes several seconds to load any given cybersansar web page, and downloading videos from their server is a nightmare.


The homepage of, formerly, got worse after a complete makeover.

May be they were following the bandwagon of web 2.0 thing, but the implementation they had is horrible. Yes, the webpage should be dynamic. But dynamic and scrolling is two different things and cybersansar seems to misunderstand them. They have most of the things in their homepage and other web pages, scrolling!! Looking at the homepage is a pain to my eyes now as everything is scrolling.

The only thing I like about the new interface is, which I never wanted, but is useful tools to the newbies, is the next, previous and thumbnail links that they have put while I view a picture. Nevermind, the only thing I like part, I also liked the new tag browsing thing and they also got rid of all the ads, for now, but they have to get over the speed thingy. It’s killing them.

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  1. sumit


  2. Sushil

    they should change the name from to or for fucking randi nai randi bhako site ho yo

  3. Suman

    Kina timro dd pani chha ra yo site ma ?

  4. lexlimbu

    i agree. cyber sansar is crap nowadays theyre trying desperate to hold on to people by having regular updates etc but theyre models are so n so. ek dui wota bikini layo bhandai ma k chai cha ni.