Brush it up

Anything that is to be published needs to be looked at carefully first, before being published. If it is a picture, of a girl, with just baring the back, then the picture tells a lot, even if doesn’t show them all. This is a picture I just found over They have posted some semi-nude picture of a girl named Bizita. And in the attached pictures of hers you can see the dark patches in her back.


A model on thikthak poses semi-nude with a dark-skin-patch still visible.

Ok.. lesson number 101: “get rid of all the skin patches, marks, unwanted hairs” from a so called models before publishing them, specially if they are nude or semi-nude (in this case). That is why “God made Photoshop”. Needs to brush it up, man. They are just humiliating themselves.

2 Replies

  1. Nunayer

    You’ve never seen a real woman naked in your entire life, have you?

    Protip: photos of women airbrushed within an inch of their lives are far more unattractive than photos of real women. You might as well fire your models and take pictures of Barbie dolls if you want flawless skin and unrealistic proportions.

  2. Jack

    That just looks like shadow to me. I certainly would never have noticed it if you hadn’t made such a big deal. The woman is still strikingly beautiful.