Dialogues in not so perfect English

I usual, I was reading the Himalayan Times on their epaper. The just in jest section mad me laugh out loud. Now it is your turn.

Dialogues in not so perfect English

A class teacher once said, “Pick up the paper and fall in the dustbin!!!”

A Hindi teacher said, “I am going out of the world to America.”

“Don’t try to talk to me in front of my back.”

“Don’t… laugh at the back benches… otherwise teeth and all will be fallen down…”

On a very hot afternoon, a teacher tried to switch on the fan, but there was some problem. And she wondered, “Why is fan not oning?”

Teacher in a furious mood” Write down your name and father of your name!!”

“Shh… quite… the principal is revolving around college.”

“Tomorrow call your parents especially mother and father.”

“Why are you looking at the monkey outside when I am in the class?”

Src: Hi Lama, The Himalayan Times