Photoshop disaster

This is a disaster. Shitty photo-manipulation.

Mostly pictures for Bajaj ads are taken by ‘Rajbhai Suwal’, the most in-demand commercial photographers in Nepal, and also edited by him. As a whole he makes the ad for Bajaj. Now look at this one, the most recent one that appeared in national dailies.

Bajaj Ad

Poor image manipulation in the Baja ad.

Most of the avid computer users, if not everybody, knows that what appear in ads are highly manipulated, not real and is not what it seems like. But most of the ads are made to look real and attractive and appealing.

But not this one. Have a look at the picture. It shows the lack of professionalism, poor image manipulation, poor lightning, poor preparation, and Rajbhai Suwal just playing untalented.

The Sun is almost set for the day. The power of light the couple and the bike is getting is unreal.
Marked 1 in photo: reflection of a different source of light
Marked 2: Another source of light coming from down under.
Marked 3: if the sun is in front, how comes the girls back is getting light? (It is not just edges that is glowing) there is a different source of light here as well.

And what the f**k is the cross-hair doing in the middle of the picture. That’s retarded.

The work is just lame.

And actually, this doesn’t put the world upside down but shitty artwork that pays the artist, pisses me off.

Rajbhai Suwal – big brother is watching…

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  1. VincentBodega

    Your comments reek of jealousy. The lighting is fine. There is no problem with cross-hair as well. Its a preference thing. If you are going use your personal opinion to comment on someones technical abilities, then thats the lamest thing I am heard.
    You are right about one thing, a big brother is definitely watching.

  2. sickman

    for VincentBodega:

    I am jealous of that guy. He is getting paid for what he doesn’t deserve for this ad. BTW do you even taken any pictures? or have you taken any pictures at sun set?

    The pictures when just looking at a glance seems OK. But looking into the picture carefully, everything is wrong. For that read again the whole story and look at the picture more carefully. If you still don’t get it then you are a dumb lame a**.

  3. poyala

    totally… Fake fake… Fake

  4. VincentBodega

    Its not a masterpiece, but its fine. You have no idea what the Bajaj people wanted him to do. I take pictures for pleasure as well as for profession. I know what I am talking about and I dont have to use foul language for that.

  5. sickman

    It doesn’t matter what Bajaj people wanted him to do. It matters what he created and get paid (hugely) for a piece of crap. You are from MIT man, should know better, what is crap what is not. Or at least you should…

  6. VincentBodega

    You dont pay Mr. Suwal… Bajaj does … so they get to say whats good and whats not.

    I can hold my head high irrespective of where I am from.

  7. sickman


    Now you started talking crap.

    “You dont pay Mr. Suwal… Bajaj does … so they get to say whats good and whats not.” Now this is stupid.

    You are saying me that I cannot call Britney Spear’s music is crappy because I don’t buy Britney Spear’s CDs. And only who buys Britney Spear’s CDs (hence who pays her) are allowed to to say that it is crappy. Kundos dude for that.

    And BTW I pay THT, where the ad was downloaded from, if that helps you.

  8. VincentBodega

    Opinions are free. You are entitled to them. However, statements like “It doesn’t matter what Bajaj people wanted him to do. It matters what he created and get paid (hugely) for a piece of crap.” is absurd. Bajaj has every right to control what they want a certain person to produce for them. Even if its a “crappy” piece in the eyes of the janta.
    As far as you buying THT is concerned, thats your prerogative to question what they publish as you are their customer. Its up to you and your newspaper (as you pay for their services) to come to the conclusion about what is good or bad art work.
    Finally, perhaps going a little easy on the type of language that you use in your threads to show you dislike might have brought a different reaction from this writer.

  9. sickman

    “It doesn’t matter what Bajaj people wanted him to do.” – Really it doesn’t matter at all. Matters what we the customer get to see.

    And it is a matter of Bajaj’s choice for choosing that ad, actually oking that ad. So stupid of them.

    I am sorry for the language I used and might have offended you or others, but I am not sorry for what I am meant.

  10. VincentBodega

    you are right, “matters what we the customer get to see.” However you have failed to realize that Bajaj is Mr. Suwal’s customer, like we are Bajaj’s customer. If we have a relationship with anyone in this paradigm, its Bajaj and NOT Mr. Suwal. We can take our feelings out on Bajaj but being emotional on Raj bhai is a little weird, I think.
    Having said that we are entitled to critique each other. My only suggestion is that it will be beneficial if the critique is constructive. Thats all…

  11. sickman

    What made you think that I am here to make a constructive critique?

    And you are right in a way that I should have blamed Bajaj.

    I am going to make you understand of the rational in this way:

    Bajaj is Mr Suwal’s customer. -we both agree on.
    The ad was printed as per Bajaj’s direction. -we both agree on.
    The ad is faked (The scenery and the couple with pulsar is photoshoped) – everybody agrees on.
    The ad looks fake (photoshop disaster). -btn you and me only I agree on.

    So, in this situation if I didn’t know who created the ad, definitly I would blame bajaj for coming up with such ad. But I know the person who did it. And blamed him.

  12. noMandeadMan


  13. Rowan

    Thats called lighting effect u sick man… he is no that dumb to replicate sun light there its just a lighting effect to balance the lighting in the picture.

  14. RiskyBoy

    Now is the day of digital world, and It’s not a big deal to retouch a photo a little bit, and if you are that much interested in lighting and photography why don’t you just send your resume to Bajaj showing the quality they lack, who knows they might hire you. Best of Luck. And professionalism doesn’t come at once. First try to appreciate what other did then only comment. If you don’t know anything its better to remain quite.

    No offense.

  15. amit

    well no thing is perfect .. i that that image is preety cannot expect those lighting effect to be 100% natural [as perl law of reflection of light..or what ever law]..after all it is made by photoshop not a some kind of hight tech simulation software..i think with photoshop that image is good enogth..i give thumb’s up
    [and by the way hile posting in this blog i did’nt saw any notification of “compulsory fileds” once i filll and submit it says:”Error: please fill the required fields (name, email).” ..may be you can make some change in this interface of usability sake ]