THT rss code copied and pasted

The Himalayan Times

This shows The Himalayan Times’ RSS code was copied and pasted from some Khaleej Times Online!

Lack of being careful is what it shows. The one who gets paid for this needs to be FIRED. I believe this is an outsourced work and not an in house work. I may be wrong in this. But it doesn’t matter.

Really, a supporter of epaper of The Himalayan Times (THT), I never tried the RSS feeds of any newpaper, new sites of Nepal. Thought of giving a try, which I did and found out that the RSS feed of the pages of the epaper was coped from some Khaleej Times Online (KTO), ‘the No.1 English language daily newspaper published from Dubai, United Arab Emirates’. KTO’s epaper, looked exactly like THT’s. Well both of them are from pressmart, hence the look alike. And that is not the issue here.

The issue here is that, either it was done in house or out-sourced, it was copied and pasted.

You can go to and click on the RSS link on the top of the page and after the page load click on any page link for RSS or direcly to RSS feed for 5th May 2008 – Frontpage. And if you are lucky enough, i.e. if they haven’t fixed it yet, you will see it for yourself. For the rest of you there is the picture with this topic on the top.