next best browser

If you are using Internet Exporer, which most of you are (53.66%) then get this: you are using the worst browser ever. There are other different free browsers available for free which are more secure, faster and less prone to viruses.

Opera, Safari and Firefox.

The best browser, I would say, and the one that I use most is Mozilla Firefox. If you are not using it and want to download it then you can find a link to download it on the left sidebar of this page.

But there is a new version, releasing soon. The release month is set to June. And with all the new enhancement, it is going to be the best browser, ever.

People at Mozilla Firefox are trying to set a Guinness World Record for Most Software Downloaded in 24 Hours (on the release date). You can be a part of it by pledging to download Firefox 3 at

While posting this blog total pledges were 476,162. I am already a part of it.

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  1. your friends

    Better news….

    Guess which is the browser which has the fastest HTML processing technology
    … which was the first browser to use tabbed browsing
    … which is the only browser that allows you to select 9 home pages on a blank screen which you dont have to type all the time.

    … which browser has an email client, rss feed, download manager, multiple skin selection, XHTML Voice, multiple search pages, etc.

    it is Opera 9.5

    go to to download it ….. it is about 8 MB

    Trust me , i have been using it since 2000 AD.

    Try it. I give you my word, you’ll like it after you start using it.

  2. kalpurush

    i agree. IE purely sucks. manchay haru lai thaa nabhaera ho IE chalako.

  3. sickman

    for your friend guy:
    “The Opera Software company claims that Opera is “the fastest browser on Earth.” However, third-party speed tests showed that out of Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3, Safari 3, and Opera 9.5, the only browser that Opera 9.5 clearly outperformed was Internet Explorer 7.” – from Wikipedia