123 m Art !!! – a masterpiece


One hundred and twenty three meters art work of Kiran Manandhar displayed at Dharahara. (Pic: Bikas Rauniyar viz. Kantipur)

An awesome thing happened. Seemed awesome to me! May be just because of how the picture was taken, or just the angle of picture taken or just the timing. Or may be really awesome thing really happened. Artwork so huge, never seen in my life, not that I am a huge art fan or ever tried to go to an art show, but still.

It seemed amazing to me, also because of the curve nature of the artwork as I can see in the picture, seemed to me like some kind of roller coaster or similar kind of ride. But actually is just the same art blown by the wind, trying to carry it along.

Indeed a masterpiece. Kudos Kiran.

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  1. deepak

    childish art! its not even primitive art… it would have been great if it was one, its senseless art, because there is no thoughtfulness in it. the artist is just looking for propoganda… that would have been ok if the art would have been a personal statement, the artist (i doubt he is a serious one) is using a political and a national issue to highlight himself. its a shame that such people can become successful…