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First of its kind, a Nepali blog. It is awesome. It keeps me more updated of the happenings in Nepal than any other news sites. Other news sites are pretty slow, as they don’t keep their website updated, as an event happens. Only sometimes do they have a BREAKING NEWS. But the mysansar team does a good job by giving a different side of a story and is most of the time faster than any other credible news sites.

My Sansar

My Sansar asking for help from reader for donation as they cannot keep up with the increased traffic.

The recent election in Nepal had a BOOM in their web-hosting. Actually, all of the Nepalese news websites were effected. It was so frustrating to open a single website. Kantipur went down several times and had the Apache CentOS test page on in their home page. The Himalayan Times was crawling and so did the rest. My Sansar crashed several times and hence redirected their traffic to the google blogger or to their (i believe) parent network cjreport.

Other news network since they started didn’t cared how the hosting was. They never cared how the hosting is, they have least interest on seeing how their own website looks like and how hard will it be for reader to read news.

MySansar had two choices. To redirect its traffic to its old place – blogger or to ask for donation from readers abroad.

You know what they did. Begged.

Reader were kind enough and gave them about $900.

And after begging for money from reader, they still have their blog in cjreport. And they have guts to say, “We have got old bills to pay first, from your money”. That is brave. Pages suck and more over now, I have to use Internet Explorer, a f**ked up browser, to open MySansar. Not that I cannot open MySansar in Firefox but an overlapping video thing comes up on the top of the page and blocks the top 6/7 lines (see the pic). Now how how f**ked up coding is that. MySansar: “please fix it”.

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  1. suman

    This has always been problem to nepali websites. They didn’t care about their websites once they have been developed. It seems that they are developing websites as a formality or something else. This is problem to the web developers as well. No matter how full featured the CMS is, they do not have time to update their sites. This is so ridiculous.